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The subcommittees at LTCCC facilitate everything the organization does. They are the foundation of LTCCC's doings and are run by the members of the subcommittees. Listed here are the LTCCC subcommittees. You may click on the link to learn more about each one.

Assisted Living - Strives to safeguard residents of assisted living facilities.

Access to Long Term Care - The newest subcommittee works to make sure that New York's proposed single point of entry plan will provide unbiased and comprehensive information to consumers and will not become an obstacle to getting appropriate care.                      


Managed Long Term Care - Advocates on behalf of those enrolled in, and those planning to enroll in managed long term care plans.

Nursing Home Staffing - Works to improve the quality of life and care delivered in New York State's nursing homes.

Surveillance and Enforcement - Acts as a public watchdog to ensure that serious long term care problems are identified and corrected.

Staffing Subcommittee Members
Staffing Subcommittee Members
Staffing Subcommittee Member
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